Day Two Action Guide

Forget the past

Our past is part of us, it helped shape us but it does not define us.
Adopting this as truth is one of the most powerful pillars for living a more positive life.

We have 2 choices:

  1. We can carry the past around, enabling excuses & a victim mindset that pulls us down
  2. OR, we can choose to reflect on what we have learned & allow it to catapult us forward

The choice is yours.

But when you choose to focus on what you have learned, the good that can come out of it,
search for positive solutions, & use it to FUEL you FORWARD into the future...that’s
when you will develop a renewed sense of self worth, strength, love, & appreciation.

Use your notebook to write down today's exercises

day two action steps:

  1. Watch today's lesson above
  2. Write down negative past experiences
  3. Look for lessons in those experiences or ways they can catapult you forward