How to believe you are enough

I know how frustrating it can be when you still find yourself searching for more even after working so hard to achieve everything you always thought you wanted in life.

I spent the first 33 years of my life feeling a bit empty inside because I longed to know what I was created for, and what my purpose here was. I spent years reading books, attending seminars, and praying for the answers.

Way to believe you are enough

Even after overcoming a traumatic childhood, beating cancer three times, building a successful career, launching an online business, falling madly in love, and creating the life of my dreams…. I still found myself searching for more.

I remember feeling so stuck because it didn’t make any sense… I had so many reasons to be happy, grateful, and to feel at peace...  but deep down I was still struggling with anxiety and feeling unfulfilled.

My saving grace was to find some peace in the belief that I must still be meant for more.

That this was all part of a greater plan.

It served me well many times in life. Honestly, without it I’m not sure I would have gotten through the years of relentless adversity in my life.

But then I got to a point where I realized it was limiting me in life. So I decided to dig deeper to figure out what was really going on...

I knew my life experiences, and all the the adversity I’d faced could help so many. I was convinced that it had to all be for some reason and I genuinely wanted to use it to help as many people as possible. I just couldn’t seem to figure what to give or how to package it all up.

For years I thought I wanted to lead with helping overcomers who believed they were made for more rise to higher levels and use their pain for some powerful purpose in life, but it never fully stuck. This alone didn’t fire me up enough and make me want to shout from the mountain tops. I never felt that inner fire that yes this is what I need to share, this will help so many.

It was part of it, but it wasn’t all of it… It was missing the other half... The true pain that so many people need to be freed from.

Then one day I found myself asking when will more be enough?

This was when I realized that on the flip side of believing that you are made for more,  is that somewhere deep down you are struggling with the belief that you are not enough.

This broke my heart and I couldn’t help but think that if I was still struggling to feel like enough after everything I had endured, overcome, and accomplished in my life.. I knew there had to be many others as well.

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What’s so sad about this belief is that it deprives you of fully enjoying and embracing all the good you have around you in your life right now. When you continuously strive for more, you rob yourself of enjoying the now.

Eventually you might even get to a point where think what’s the point?

This can lead to numbly walking through the motions in life, living on autopilot, people pleasing, substance abuse, or even depression can creep in.

But even worse…. if you continue to believe that you’re not enough… you will never allow yourself to embrace who you really are.

You are meant to be you. And the greatest thing you can give the world, the way to inspire and make your greatest impact is by embracing, loving, and living your authentic truth.

My last few posts have helped give you the framework for this paradigm shift. Today I want to give you ways to FEEL AT PEACE BELIEVING THAT YOU ARE ENOUGH.

What can you do to finally feel like enough?

  1. Practice gratitude daily.

  2. Live in alignment with your values - We all have an inner code. When our life and day to day is aligned with that inner code we feel at ease with who we are. Inner peace and pride radiates from within.   

  3. Design your life around your true priorities. The sad truth is modern day life is busy. It’s way too easy to get caught up living according to what other people want. My Purposeful Planning retreat is a free online workshop that will help you shift back to your true priorities.

  4. Reconnect to your true self.

  5. Stop being so damn independent! - We all want to be part of something larger. Have a spiritual practice. Connect to community. Join a greater cause you can be passionate towards.

  6. Set realistic expectations for yourself

  7. Ask for help

  8. Live with the end in mind

  9. Discover your strengths and gifts

  10. Share your strengths and gifts

  11. Shift from performance to peace

  12. Practice self compassion

  13. Practice self care to embrace self love

  14. Live your authentic truth loud and proud

If you’re reading this list and feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry I’m not leaving you alone in this!

I know how hard it can be to make this shift. But I also know how much freedom lies on the other side of it.

After experiencing the peace and freedom myself I knew it was something precious that needed to be shared. That’s why I created my Clarify your Calling course.

In this course I share lessons, guidance, and activities that will take you through these steps.

Let me help you discover your authentic truth so you can finally experience the inner peace, happiness, and personal freedom you deserve.

To sharing your love and light with the world,

Xo Nicole