How do you know when it’s time to quit a job?

Is it time to quit your job?

This is a tough question to answer. While I like to believe our work isn’t everything in life, the reality is we spend a large majority of our time concentrated on our work.

When work is going well, everything in your life can seem to fall into place and life can feel great.

On the contrary when work is not going well, if you are not enjoying it, it feels forced, or your heart’s not in it... well that can become toxic to your whole life.

How do you know when it's time to quit a job? | Higher Level Living

I’m speaking from experience after having times of great joy and success at work, and times of worrying that I might be depressed when in reality, it was that I was allowing myself to stay in a job that I should have walked away from.

There was a time when I would cry on my way to work every day. The tears were not because I was in a bad job, the job I was in was something I actually once considered my dream job.

The tears were because I felt so guilty, confused, and stuck.

If you are struggling with these feeling now, my heart truly goes out to you, and I want to give you some hope and guidance.

First let’s talk about ways to know it’s not time to quit your job:

If you still believe that….

  1. There is opportunity for you to grow and thrive at your job

  2. A peak to climb that excites you

  3. If it’s just fear holding you back

Then there might be something other than work that is causing chaos or discontentment in your life. You could be too complacent in life, you might need to up your game a little this year personally , or it might be time to check in with yourself and make self care a priority.  

Know that yes work is a big part of your life, but there are so many other components that can keep you feeling stuck.

Now let’s talk about some signs that it’s probably time to quit your job:


  1. It’s just not working. If you’ve given your personal best, committed to your own growth, dedicated time, energy, resources and but cannot seem to get ahead. If it’s just not working for you, it’s probably time to find your next move in life.

  2. The finances just don’t work. When you do the math it won’t be worth then energy and time it takes to keep on with it.

  3. The markets not there - just you believing isn’t always enough. Is there a real opportunity in the work you are doing?

  4. You’re wasting your talent. You have very special gifts and strengths. If you are not using them you will not feel satisfied with your work. Lasting peace, happiness, and fulfillment in life comes from discovering and using your special gifts.

  5. You’re doing it because you think you should. You’re living your life based on external pressures and expectations- what people, your parents, society have told you you should do for success rather than what you want for your own success.

  6. You’re afraid to walk away because you’ve dedicated so much time, and accomplished so much, that you don’t want to lose everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Change and progress is inevitable.. don’t hold yourself back because of this fear. What if the next opportunity is even better?

  7. You’re afraid of losing the financial security - From a financial or convenience standpoint it’s crazy to walk away but your heart’s not in it anymore. Know that the longer this goes on, the more inner anxiety and unhappiness you will experience. When you feel called to something else, that could be where your true abundance in life lies not only financially, but physically, mentally, spiritually as well.

  8. Things are going great but you’re starting to lose interest or feel bored - we’re programmed for growth and progress. If you no longer see room for growth it’s probably time to make a change. Sometimes you have to get out when things are going great. Leave at a peak rather than a valley. Be proactive with your own growth, progress, and success.

  9. Most impactfully - You hate your life. The thrill is gone. Work’s not just mundane, but actually a drain. You dread getting out of bed every morning. You don’t like who you’ve become. You don’t recognize yourself anymore….

How do you know when it's time to quit a job? | Higher Level Living

If you can honestly say you would you be happier without the work you’re currently doing - it’s time to take the reins on your life and make a change.

I know how scary change can be. But what’s worse… the that fear of making a change, or the pain that will come with staying where you are now? Looking back with regret, feeling the pain of unlived potential… that’s some of the greatest pain you can experience.

Take it from me, life is way too precious to play it small, stay stuck, or be unhappy in life.

After being diagnosed with cancer 3 times before the age of 30, I’ve become viscerally aware of how precious life is. While I don’t wish the fear that comes with these uncertain times in life on you, I do wish I could share the life lessons and perspectives that have come out of it.

It truly opens your eyes to what mean the most, and helps you take more intentional and courageous action in your life.

After years of research, coaching certification programs, personal and client experience. I’ve created a course that will help you do just this.

If you’re unsure on what you’re next move should be, but you know you have more to offer the world.

If you’re ready to take the reins on your life and gain the clarity you are searching for.

I have a special course is for you.

We only get one, very special life & it's ours for the taking.

  • Refuse to get caught up walking through the motions.

  • Refuse to limit yourself because of your fears.

  • Refuse to crumble in the face of adversity.

  • Refuse to look back on what could have been.

Let me help you gain the clarity you are looking for so you can really thrive in your life.

To your happiness and higher level living,

Xo Nicole