What Keeps You from Reaching Your Goals

What Keeps You From Reaching Your Goals

There’s so much hope that comes with a new year and a new beginning, but do you know that only about 8% of people will actually follow through on the resolutions and the goals they set for a new year?

Crazy low right!?  

I’m not sharing this to discourage you or bring you down from the new beginning momentum you have, but rather I’m sharing it because I want to help you get ahead of it so you can be one of those 8%.

One of the most impactful steps to growth and success is awareness. Today I want to help you become more aware of what keeps people from their goals, so you can get ahead of it, then look back in awe on all you have accomplished a year from now.

1. Setting the wrong goals - The sad truth is most people are disconnected from what they really want in life. In this day and age it’s so easy to get caught up walking through the motions, letting pointless tasks and to do lists take over your schedule. Over time this leads you to you living according to how you think you “should” live in order to be “successful” in life. As a result you set goals that seem to make sense for your next steps, rather than goals that actually mean something to you.

When you truly, deeply, and authentically desire your goals- you pursue them regardless of setbacks, doubt, or anything that might get in your way.

What Keeps You from Reaching Your Goals | Higher Level Living

So the most impactful way to reach your goals this year is to do some soul searching and get clear on what you really want. If you need some help with this (most of us do because life is busy and we get disconnected!) be sure to check out My Purposeful Planning Retreat. It’s completely free and in it I guide you through a life assessment and goal planning session that helps you gain more clarity on your true priorities in life.

2. Not breaking it down - So many people throw a goal out there and then think it will just happen. While yes I am a proponent of visualization and the powers of manifestation, I also believe all manifestation begins with you setting it in motion through ACTION. If you solely focus on the end result you can get overwhelmed to action. Instead break down your big goal into realistic steps. Things you can do daily, weekly, and monthly to move you forward. Things that will help you make progress.

The secret to maintaining motivation and momentum is progress. It doesn’t matter how little progress, so long as you are making forward progress towards some goal… you will be more likely to keep moving forward.

So what is one thing you can do each day to move you forward towards your goal in some way? Think about it now and then ask yourself each day- What can I do to move me forward today?

3. Thinking it will always be exciting or feel good - Let’s be honest, modern day life makes us set some unfair expectations. We see highlight reels all around us and it’s tricked us into thinking things happen over night, or that things will always be good and exciting. But the reality is, the things that really move you forward are the unsexy small things that happen consistently behind the scenes.

Get ahead of the highlight reel illusion and shift your perspective:  

  • Know challenges will come ↠ decide to view them as opportunities

  • Know it will not always be fun, you will not always want to do it ↠ Do it anyway

  • Know the difference in your feelings. The difference between growth and living out of alignment with your true self.

Self doubt, resistance, burnout are natural ↠ View these feelings as growth. Growth can be painful and uncomfortable but it’s not a sign you shouldn’t do it.

Commit to these perspective shifts and then commit to continuous progress even when you don’t feel like it. Know that breakthroughs come when you stay with it - usually when things get hard.

4. We self sabotage - This is a big one that deserves so much more attention, but I will keep it brief to help you better understand the concept. Basically we have been programmed to believe certain truths about ourselves. Truths about how much happiness, wealth, love, success, and abundance we think we deserve.

What Keeps You from Reaching Your Goals | Higher Level Living

As soon as we start to reach these limits we subconsciously sabotage ourselves. Deep down on some level we don’t think we are deserving of all the good we have so we cause chaos in our life to bring us back down to the level we think we deserve.

This is what keeps us stuck in life.

What keeps us from our true potential and genius zone.  

If you really want to break through to the next level in your life, to live your best life,  it’s time for you to get clear on the limiting beliefs you have been allowing to dictate your life.

This is where investing in a coach can be the most impactful investment you will ever make! I say this not only because I have coached people to entirely new levels in life, but also from my own personal experience working with a coach, and years of researching personal growth.  

More often than not we are completely blinded to the ways we are limiting ourselves and the opportunities right in front of us. Working with a coach helps you see things more clearly, rewire your beliefs, and take action towards your greater purpose. If you are ready to push past what is holding you back in life, I offer Higher Level Living Life Coaching -  You can book a complimentary consult call with me here to learn more. Or in the meantime The Big Leap is an amazing book for starting to work through it on your own.

5. We don’t reflect or track it - This one is short and sweet. Things that we track stay top of mind and become priorities. The things that we make priorities are the things that get done.

Each week carve out time to reflect back on the progress you have made and the steps you will take this upcoming week. Reflection is where learning and understanding catches up with us. It’s where we check in to make sure we are moving in the direction we really want to go. It’s easy to skip, but so impactful to stick with.

6. We don’t celebrate - It’s so easy to get caught up constantly looking ahead to what’s next. We move a mile a minute and overload ourselves with things to do. But what’s the point in doing all these things is we don’t allow ourselves to slow down and actually enjoy them!?

When you reach a goal, you will undoubtedly be setting your eyes on the next one. This can lead to a high and low crash cycle. To get ahead of this make time to celebrate and enjoy the progress you are making ALONG THE WAY! Celebrating the small wins, recognizing your hard work, rewarding yourself… this is what prevents burnout and keeps motivation high.

7. We give up too soon - This is self explanatory. Remember real success doesn’t happen overnight. It might seem that way based on social media these days, but the truth is all good things take time. Commit to endurance and view time as your training for your success.

Remember... if you want something badly enough, if you are setting the right goals, you will pursue it regardless of how long it might take you to reach it. You will feel a sense of joy in pursuit of your goals.

Setting the right goals is where it all begins. If you’re ready to set goals that actually mean something to you this year, goals that you want to stick with, join my Purposeful Planning Retreat. It’s a completely free virtual retreat that will help you gain more clarity on what you really want in life.

Hope to see you there!

Xo Nicole