6 Ways to Practice Self Care

Self care comes in so many forms and might look at little different for every individual. It all comes down to fueling your soul and spirit with small disciplines that help you align with your true self. It is important to remember that we can’t give from an empty cup. Here are some of the best ways to keep “you” as a top priority in your life.

What is the Difference Between Setting Goals & Setting Intentions?

This week let's go big with Intentions! This is a long lesson but trust me it's an impactful one! Setting a daily intention is something I challenge myself to each day. It helps set the tone for my day and feel as though I am accomplishing something worthwhile each day. Before I jump into all of this - first I want to draw attention to the difference between Intentions and Goals.

Healthy Fall Comfort Food

Paleo Veggie Shepherd’s Pie

My latest obsession - figuring out ways to make unhealthy fall/winter comforty foods a little more healthy.... ahemm...and easy to make for all us challenged chefs out there.🤩

So I decided to tackle one new recipe a week this year and the lucky boyfriend gets to be our guinea pig! (hehe ok maybe not entirely lucky... the poor guy has had his fair share of complete food failures 🙈) but when I create something he agrees is tasty, I'm going to start sharing them with you guys as well! 

First up a Veggilicious Paleo Shepherd’s Pie that is absolutely delicious and going to become a regular must have meal for us.

Apple Picking in New England

Must Visit Festive Farms in New England

Fall is here - YAY! This is hands down my FAVORITE SEASON. I don’t know if it’s because I have been spoiled with the perfect weather and gorgeous colors in New England my whole life, but every year I get more and more excited about ways to get festive and enjoy the season.

Top of the list for many… apple picking and exploring cute farms of course! There are so many to choose from so I thought I would share some of my absolutely must visit with you :)

Ladies Living on Purpose Feature

Stories of Empowering Women

Overcomers who are leaning into their adversity as a way to rise up in life.
I am just getting this off the ground but I see it giving so much hope, inspiration, and strength to people all over the world🙏

This is a project near and dear to my heart. Throughout the years of trauma and adversity in my own life, I came to find that sometimes hearing powerful stories of other women facing adversity gave me hope and strengthened my spirit to maintain a positive outlook and persevere through. 

As time went on I came to realize we all have a story, we all face pain and adversity… and in sharing those stories we feel more connected, more empowered to rise above what tries to knock us down. With this powerful realization the idea for Ladies Living on Purpose was born. 

This is a place for me to share stories of wildly empowering women. To highlight overcomers and true warriors in life who have not only leaned into their adversity, struggle, & pain, but have maintained a positive outlook....have used it to rise up and live more intentionally in their life.

My hope is that in sharing this we will be able to inspire others to find the power in their own story. Help people realize that while pain doesn’t have to be our purpose… it can serve some purpose. It can empower people going through tough times to find the strength and perseverance to not only get through it, but to use it as a platform for transformative change in life. 

It will enable more and more people to tap into the personal power they have over their own life so they can truly LIVE & THRIVE in their life. 

With that I am honored to share the story of one of our first features... Meet our  Lady Living on Purpose, Bridget here…

Overcoming tough times in life

Facing adversity for more Happiness in Life. 

One of the most common questions I get is how I have been able to stay so positive through so much adversity in my life. 

Initially this was a hard question for me to answer but then I realized there were some fundamental tools that helped me to get through some really dark times and persevere forward…

Starting A Lifestyle Business

Live your Passion

Truth talk….for most of my life I lived in survival mode. What do I mean by this? Oh you know I followed the path I thought I was “supposed” to follow.  Went to the college, got the job, put 110% into the job, was in the comfortable relationship, bought the house… and while on the outside it looked like things were great… internally I felt completely empty. Like something was off and that there had to be something more. Sound familiar!? If so please read on because this post is FOR YOU!

July 4th Easy Healthy Apps 

Easy and healthy apps for July 4th! This is a little something something for all of you out there who love entertaining, hosting parties.. but hate cooking. Ok maybe hate is a strong word but if you are a challenged chef like me you need to check out these recipes. So easy to make, healthy, and crowd favorites!

Welcome to the Higher Level Living Blog by Nicole O'Neill

Confession- this blog has been a long time coming for me. It's something I've known I wanted to do but just kept pushing it off. And then tonight there was the most beautiful sunset that left me feeling inspired, full of life, and one of the first thoughts I had was ... it's time to start writing. So here I am :)