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The Healing Benefits of Adaptogens

After I was diagnosed with cancer the first time I became viscerally aware of just how precious our health is and I relentlessly committed to doing all I could to be proactive with it.

One of the first things I learned (in lots of research!) was that the food we eat plays a significant role in our cellular makeup and overall health.

After working with both a traditional and holistic doctor, I became fascinated by all the natural ways you can be preventative with your health. That’s where adaptogen herbs came into the picture for me.

My Absolute Favorite Superfood Smoothie Recipes

True transformation starts from the inside out. Superfood shakes have helped me not only elevate my own life, but transform hundreds of others. I am all about holistic living, being proactive with your life, and  fueling your mind and body from the inside out. After my first cancer diagnosis I became obsessed with learning as much as I could about ways to be preventative with your health. I always knew it was important to be active and make conscientious food choices for good health, but I never know just how influential foods are on our overall health.

How to Beat Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety is something that is on the rise in society. We are so busy and always thinking ahead to what’s next. We are progress driven, and there is a lot of pressure on us to always do more. I hear so many people expressing that they have anxiety, especially younger people, which breaks my heart because they are still trying to figure out what the world is all about. Yet, they are so stressed out and have these uneasy feelings.