Game-Changing Products for Sun Safety

Sunscreens with safe ingredients

When I was diagnosed with melanoma sun safety became a non-negotiable in my life… and I’ll be honest, I hated every minute of it for quite a few years.

Especially sunscreen.🙈

For years I experimented with different brands, but regardless of how many I tried they all seemed to make me feel sticky and clogged my pores.

But sun safety was a non-negotiable for me after melanoma so I had to figure it out. I’m happy to report that after years of flops, I finally found some products I swear by!

Below are my absolute favorites and daily go-tos. They only use safe ingredients and have somehow been incorporated into makeup in a glamorous way. Total game changers!

Full disclosure: some of the following links are affiliate or referral links and if you make a purchase through them, I might get a small commission at no extra cost for you. They help support my passion for sharing all the things with you :)

Products for Everyday Use


Supergoop! SPF 30 Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum

This is my go-to summer serum. It’s loaded with vitamins and is super lightweight. I use it under my makeup every day and even will use it for just general sunscreen on my face. I hate how most sunscreens clog your pores. This has been my savior. Plus the more you apply it, the more nutrients for your skin!


Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream SPF 35-40

I use this year round as my foundation. It’s lightweight with great coverage and gives you SPF… without the ickiness. I'm super picky about face makeup - safe ingredients, good coverage, lasting wear, and clear skin. This has passed all my tests!


Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream with Oat Peptide SPF 37

You might be thinking… um you even have SPF in your eye cream and yes you better believe it. After being diagnosed with melanoma twice and facing over a dozen other precancerous scares I don’t mess around. Melanoma is the 2nd most common form of cancer for young people ages 15-29. It’s also one of the most preventable… with proper sun safety!

Plus I’m all about eternal youth and the skin under our eyes is super sensitive, so I protect it how I can.😜


Supergoop! Forever Young SPF 40 Body Butter

This is for everyday sun safety. It’s a body butter that has SPF in. It literally feels like you are just moisturizing your skin after a shower. Makes sunscreen during the week when you are going to work or running errands so easy!


Everyday SPF 50 Sunscreen For Face and Body, with Sunflower Extract

This is great for when you plan to spend direct time in the sun. It’s lightweight and smooth on the skin. Most high SPF can be tough to blend into your skin, this soaks up quickly.

For those of you who love to be adventurous outdoors….

After my melanoma diagnosis, spending time at the beach wasn’t really enjoyable for me anymore. It was tough initially but it pushed me to find new activities and now I’m a full on activity and adventure travel junkie. I love hiking, kayaking, cycling… anything active outdoors I want in!

These products make it so much easier for me to fully enjoy the outdoors without being afraid of the sun.


Supergoop! 100% Mineral Sunscreen Stick Spf 45

This is my ADVENTURE go to. This sunscreen stick sun safety and reapplication SO EASY. Added bonus it’s hydrating and loaded with antioxidants.


Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist with Vitamin C SPF 50

This is a high SPF spray for when you’re going to be active outdoors or plan on playing in water. It’s a non-aerosol that is less drying to your skin than most sprays and it’s loaded with antioxidants.

I swear by this brand because I’ve tested so many, their products are truly amazing for making sunscreen less of an icky process.

Plus they are committed to the safest possible ingredients.

Whether you use these or others be sure to check your labels. Most brands use chemicals and ingredients that we should avoid. The EWG website is a great reference for safe products.

SPF Clothing

Sun Safety Products | Higher Level Living Blog

SPF Clothing has come a long way! This will probably resonate more with fellow melanoma and skin cancer warriors. My advice-  don’t go too crazy buying a bunch ! Get a couple of staples that could work for a variety of occasions. I personally love this wrap from Coolibar. I can wear it as a cover-up and throw over just about any outfit I need to while still looking cute. They do market to an older demographic but it’s super cute I promise. This wrap has been my go to over the years.

I hope this helps you embrace sun safety a little more!

Remember melanoma is the 2nd most common cancer for young people ages 18-29. It’s become almost an epidemic. But the good news is it’s preventable with proper sun safety and routine skin checks.

It’s worth being proactive and preventative!

If you’re facing a melanoma diagnosis now or know someone who is, here is a post to make you feel less alone during this tough time.💕



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