Starting A Lifestyle Business

How to start a lifestyle business

Live Your Passion 

Truth talk….for most of my life I lived in survival mode. What do I mean by this? Oh you know I followed the path I thought I was “supposed” to follow.  Went to the college, got the job, put 110% into the job, was in the comfortable relationship, bought the house… and while on the outside it looked like things were great… internally I felt completely empty. Like something was off and that there had to be something more. Sound familiar!? If so please read on because this post is FOR YOU!

Looking back I realize I was living on autopilot, living a lie in a way…. and the deeper issue was that I was I struggling with my purpose...which can eat away at your soul.

I didn’t really know who I was or what made me happy…but I knew who I wanted to be...

Someone who was excited for each day, did work that made a difference somehow, was full of energy, confidence, could travel freely, feel fulfilled, and be more than financially secure.

I always knew I wanted my own business, I just had no clue what or how to get started. I remember reading how to start a business for dummies books… multiple editions… and still feeling so paralyzed to take any action.

Share your Journey 

Starting an Online Business

Well after a tumultuous few years of heart wrenching loss, cancer scares, and countless right hooks I finally woke up and realized I had everything I needed right in front of me…. I could use my journey and my passion for helping others to start an online lifestyle coaching business #mindblown

Admittedly, initially I had no clue what I was doing. I was just at a point in my life where I so badly needed a change, to feel better about myself, to be surrounded by more positivity…. that I just started making self care and personal growth a priority. When it started to work I shared what I was doing with others and it grew from there.

Fast forward a few years…. It’s the best decision I ever “stumbled” on and has helped me more than become that person I so wanted to be.

And now I’m going to help you “stumble” on this same decision for yourself ;)

Why start a lifestyle business?!

Well in short because it helps you start a business now with virtually no overhead. It’s built around YOU and your life. Your journey, story, hobbies, interests, values, and passions. Your day to day.

It doesn't have to be anything fancy, in fact... the most successful lifestyle businesses are run by people just sharing their authentic, real life experiences. No perfection, glitz, or glamour. It's them being real, raw, & relatable in a way that inspires others to elevate their own lives.

It's a way for you to turn your own Passions into Profit.

And the best part… you can do it all online.

If you’re thinking this all sounds great Nicole, but I need to know more. I put together this guide for you :) In it I dive deeper into all the amazing benefits of this and I even have a webinar that teaches you how you have everything you need right now to get started.

Discover your Purpose 

If you’re at a point where you are struggling with your purpose.. Feel so stuck and wanting more in life definitely check this out.

I share how you can.....

  • tap into your personal power

  • prioritize your health & happiness

  • work when you want, where you want

  • travel freely

  • make an impact

  • find your voice

  • pursue your passions

  • discover your strengths

  • live life on your own terms...and become the person you want to be

Just click here to grab the free downloadable :)

XO Nicole

How to start a lifestyle business