Secrets To Doing Work You Love

Secrets to doing work you love

Over the last few days I’ve been sharing some stories to help you shift your perspective away from the common belief that work has to be about just surviving in life.

Unfortunately there’s a common misconception in society that you can’t have both finances and fulfillment in your work. We’ve been led to believe it’s an either or situation- finances or fulfillment.

But that’s just not the case anymore.

The way we work is changing.

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It is entirely possible to do work you love, wake up energized and excited each day, have freedom over your schedule, make an impact, be of service, and still experience financial success in your life.

I say this from personal experience and from working with/alongside countless people who have done it as well.

Earlier this week I shared the story about where I was just a few years ago. Feeling stuck in a job and thinking I could never do work I actually enjoyed while still have the financial security I wanted.

Well fast forward just a few years I’m here to tell you I proved myself wrong.

And today I‘m here to give you hope and empowerment in pursuing the things you really want to do in life.  

Empowering you to pursue what you really want to do

When I was laid off I was so humbled by the amount of people who reached out with job opportunities. I easily could have pursued one of them and continued growing my success based on the path I was on.

But I knew that wouldn’t make me happy. I knew I didn’t want to feel the way I had been feeling any longer.

Given the recent loss of my mom, grandmother, and my own cancer scares... I was determined to do things differently.

I had a visceral understanding of just how precious our time here is, and I refused to waste it doing work that drained me.

So I committed to figuring out a way to do work that actually excited me. Work that made me feel as though I was being of service in some way, but that still gave me flexibility over my time so I could travel and fully enjoy my life.

Of course I wanted all this along with the financial stability I needed to enjoy all the frills I love in life.

Sounds too good to be true right?


You can have it all

Don’t get me wrong I am a huge believer that it’s the small things in life that mean the most. But I still love the luxuries of life - spa days, travel, yummy food, delicious wines, amazing experiences, being able to buy gifts for people you care about…  and I was not about ready to sacrifice any of that.

Why should you!? Allowing yourself to experience the things you love is part of enjoying life!  

Well I’m happy to report that today I run my own online business that’s allowed me to surpass that “dream” corporate job financially, and do work that fulfills me. I’m in the best shape of my life, I design my own days, travel freely, live according to my values, and make continuous growth and service my priority.

You could say I’m living a life of purpose on my own terms….and today I’m going to help you start doing the same.

The secrets to doing work you love and having it all

Below are the top secrets to taking steps towards this. These are the pillars I’ve come to find through my own personal experience, in research, and in working with clients, that you want to use as your navigational system when it comes to choosing your work.

To do work you love choose work, project, roles that...

  1. Align with your values

  2. Promote growth

  3. Gives you a sense of significance

  4. Makes you feel fulfilled

  5. Incorporates things you’re passionate about

  6. Makes you feel appreciated

  7. Makes you feel part of something larger

  8. Provides for you both personally and financially

  9. Gives you a sense of control - over your time, growth, life

  10. Aligns with your personality type

And the number 1 thing…

Pursue work that allows you to live in your zone of genius.

Secrets to Doing Work You Love | Higher Level Living

Work that allows you to share the special gifts and strengths that only you have to offer.

This is the secret sauce and deserves much more attention, so stay tuned for a post explaining this concept in more detail tomorrow :)

And in the meantime if you’re ready to take those next steps in your life, but are feeling a bit overwhelmed on how to get started, we should chat!

Working with a coach during these transitional times in life can be so helpful. It makes you feel less alone and helps you see things so much more clearly. My role as a coach is to help you become the very best you can so you can feel like you have it all in life.

You can learn more about what I offer here or scoop up a complimentary consult call and let’s start with a friend chat.