Why Peace & Purpose is so Important

Peace and Purpose Higher Level Living Life Coach

The Purpose of life is Peace.

This is one of the greatest lessons life has ever taught me. This is also what I’ve come to find I need to remind myself of DAILY in order to recenter myself, release worry, and calm anxiousness I’ve struggled with my whole life.

I know many of you share in similar struggles.. You feel the weight of the world on your shoulders to be more and do more. You burn the candle at both ends and over commit yourself because you can’t help but believe that is the way to finally get ahead of this feeling of constant pressure.

If you just do more, you’ll feel that fulfillment you’re seeking, the true sense of significance, the inner peace that you are doing all you can.

Only problem.. Regardless of how much you do… that pressure and inner feeling of I can never do enough it still lurking. You’re struggling more and more with that big question that eats away at your soul…. What is my purpose?

Why Peace & Purpose is so Important Higher Level Living Life Coach

Well today I want to share a perspective that will help you finally release some of that pressure. First know that your purpose can be whatever you decide you want it to be. It doesn’t have to come in the form of some huge epiphany or life catastrophe. The Purpose of Life is Peace….doing what makes you feel at peace in your days.

It’s all about living your life moment to moment, asking yourself what will bring me peace in this moment, in this phase of my life, at my core.

I know initially this might be hard to wrap your head around. But think of it this way… you’ve spent your whole life believing you have to do as much as humanly possible, put everyone and everything ahead of your own happiness. You’ve probably overcome and accomplished quite a bit in life yet you never feel like you can get ahead.

Well what if you’ve be striving for a standard of excellence that is so unfair for any one person to put on themselves? Maybe you’ve been programmed to believe that struggle and burnout is the purpose of life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You get to choose.

I remember when I first heard this and the way my entire body, my whole existence, almost trembled. It was almost as though I was twitching inside.

I heard it and was like yes, yes, that is what I have been searching for! That is what I needed to hear. Deep down I believed it, knew it was true, but it went against everything I had believed up until this point.

Why Peace & Purpose is so Important Higher Level Living Life Coach

If you feel can relate you’ve probably been programmed for struggle like me... My whole life has been about struggle and about doing more. It started when I was young and used to fear for my life because of my mother’s abusive relationships. I think those lonely, terrified days and nights are what shaped me to believe that if I ever wanted to get ahead and survive in life...I would constantly have to struggle, do as much as possible, and live in fear.

As I got older the belief strengthened, and truthfully I think I got addicted to the struggle. And I know I’m not the only one.

Addiction to struggle

Unfortunately we all get addicted to the struggle in some way. Not necessarily the pain, but the sense of accomplishment that comes from overcoming the struggle. That pride and sense of self worth. It programs us to believe struggle is the way of life.

But deep down we know this cannot be. We are struggling because we are searching for something more. We’re searching for peace.

The purpose of life is Peace.

When you first read this you might too feel as though there is inner turmoil happening. Allow yourself to lean into that. To feel the way your mind tries to process it. Your whole body will get involved. Let it sink in.

And consider this… what if instead of leading with struggle, with doing more, you led with peace.

There is no immediate pressure. You are not alone. Struggling, anxiousness, worry, fear… it doesn’t have to be your way of life anymore. Your way of life now is PEACE.

Doing what makes you feel a true sense of inner peace and love from moment to moment. Being fully present for all those you love in your life. Leading each day with the question - what will make be feel more at peace today?

When you do that you lead with your heart. With a warm loving energy that radiates so much love and light. That’s when you begin to not only feel, but believe that you are living in alignment with your own integrity, values, and truth. Slowly things become more clear and you take action in your life from a place that is connected to your own true purpose.

It’s an ongoing practice, especially if you have been programmed to believe struggle is the way of life. But with time, the more you ask yourself “What will bring me Peace” the more that confusion and pressure will dissipate.

Slowly you will see things more clearly and take actions that bring about true peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

For now just trust that when you lead with peace, each next step will be revealed to you when the timing is right. It doesn’t have to be a struggle or race against the clock to figure it all out now. Just take it day by day and have patience as you begin to course correct your belief system. ♥

All the love and happiness,

xo Nicole