The Best Way to do Work You Love - Live in your Genius Zone

Living in your genius zone

Living in Your Genius Zone

Yesterday I shared the top pillars to use as your navigational system when it comes to choosing your work. If you want to do work that makes you feel fulfilled, happy, and financially successful ➵ these pillars will set you on the the right path.

When you lead with these elements, you are living from a place of truth and authenticity. You are living in your zone of genius.

What is your genius zone.

Put simply your genius zone is where your true greatness lies. It’s the things that you excel at most at in life. The activities you are uniquely skilled to do.

When you live in your zone of genius, that’s when you’re doing work that incorporates your unique and special gifts. The talents and strengths that you can uniquely offer the world.

Unfortunately most of us settle for living in our zone of incompetence, zone of competence, or zone of excellence.

But our zone of genius is what calls out to us continuously throughout life. Over time it gets louder and louder. When we ignore it, that’s when depression, illness, injuries, or relationship issues rise up.

The ultimate secret to doing work you love

The ultimate secret to doing work you love is discovering and pursuing the activities that lie in your genius zone.

The best way to do work you love - living in your genius zone | Higher Level Living

When you discover and pursue these special gifts you have to offer… that’s when work doesn’t feel like work anymore.

That’s when you capitalize on the things that come naturally to you. The things you feel called to do.

And when you start incorporating those things into your day to day... That’s when you start to understand what it means to experience true abundance in your life. Not just from a financial standpoint - but overall - fulfillment, happiness, and inner peace.

This is when you will thrive, feel fully satisfied in life, and experience Higher Level Living.

This journey can be confusing and overwhelming, but it’s the secret to living your greatest life.

If you’re ready to begin, and want to feel less alone in the pursuit, I’m here to guide you through.

Book a complimentary consult call at the link below and let me help you gain more clarity on what your genius zone is, and ways you can create a rewarding and profitable business or career around it.

I so look forward to connecting with you!

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