How To Unlock Your Personal Freedom

How to unlock your personal freedom

In my last post, I gave you an activity to discover hidden beliefs that might be limiting you in life.

Today I have an activity that will help you dismantle this belief so you can experience more personal freedom in life.

To start I want you to look back at the hidden belief(s) you discovered and consider this question - Does this belief still ring true today?

  • Is there evidence of it in your life now or are you just blindly taking it as truth because of something that happened in your past?

Beliefs have a way of blinding us from the truth of NOW. At one point there was probably evidence to support this belief you have, but I'm willing to bet there hasn't been any evidence or proof of it for quite some time now.

An activity to unlock your Personal Freedom

Yet... you're still letting it subconsciously guide you and limit you in life.

The cure?! - Awareness.

As soon as you bring awareness to something you are able to see things more clearly. You're able to shift your perspective.


Today I want you to take that belief that you discovered and think of times that it hasn't been accurate.

  • Write a list of times, people, experiences that have proven the belief to be wrong.

Here's an example to help...note this is tough for me to share, but is a powerful example...

One of my deep-rooted beliefs = men see little value in me and diminish me in life.

  • For years I had lots of evidence to prove this true. My father never cared to know me, my mother's boyfriends were emotionally abusive, my uncle constantly diminished my accomplishments with snarky jokes, a long term boyfriend could care less about what I was passionate about.. and I could go on.

But the problem was - I was letting this belief guide and limit me in life. Subconsciously I was telling myself this was true for all men. And as a result, I never really let anyone get too close to me. (Which was quite problematic when it came to dating and other things!😉)

But the real truth came out when I met my now fiance. This man is amazing. He is the opposite of everything I listed above and I couldn't see it or fully trust it initially because I was still blinded by that belief from the past.

It wasn't until I sat down and dug deeper on what was holding me back, that I saw things more clearly.

So I created a list of times where men did see my value and championed me in life...and guess what... IT FAR OUTNUMBERED THE OTHER LIST.

With that, I had all the evidence I needed to start rewiring this belief.

In creating this list you realize that you put far more emphasis on the negative than the positive sometimes.

All of a sudden you can shift your perspective, see things so much more clearly, experience a wave of peace, and FEEL FREE.

This is a paradigm shift and it truly changes the trajectory of your life.

So this week dig deeper! Find the lies you're letting limit you in life and create your list proving them wrong.

And if you ever need help with this please reach out. One of my gifts is helping people see things more clearly in their life... whether it's the lies that are limiting you, your strengths, greater potential, or the true vision for your future... I help you see it all more clearly.

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