How to Live Your Best Life

How to Live Your Best Life

You might be surprised by the simplicity of this answer, but the secret to living your best life is making yourself a priority in your own life.

This is the foundation of everything in your life.

Problem is, modern day life is more busy and chaotic than ever. We’re driven for progress, blinded by perfectionism, and we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards.

We’re so busy trying to “do it all”, please everyone around us, and be successful that the thought of caring for ourselves, or doing what we really want to do, makes us feel guilty.

But to be the best you can, to give the very best of you, and to live your best life... your self-care and happiness need to be a priority. You need to be a priority in your life.

I’m not talking about making huge time commitments. I’m talking about finding the little things, that if you don’t do them, you feel off in life…. discovering your personal game-changing habits and making them a daily non-negotiable in your life.


Why habits?

Well, Habits are powerful.

Whether you're aware of it or not, your life is shaped by your habits. We're consciously and subconsciously programmed to do little things over and over again each day, that will ultimately lead us down a certain path in life.

If you’re not intentional about these little things (as insignificant as they might seem in the moment!) you could end up going down a path completely opposite of what you really want in life.

But if you are intentional with them… well, that’s when you rise to your full potential and have a framework for bringing the very best of you to all areas of your life.

So what are the personal game-changing habits for thriving in life?

That’s what I’m sharing with you today in my Habits for Higher Level Living course.



I know how hard it can be to make your own health, happiness, and growth a priority in life.

I spent the first quarter of my life living very reactively. I was a workaholic who prided herself on burning the candle at both ends and I put everyone else’s happiness ahead of my own.

I remember telling myself “oh that would be nice, or someday I’ll”… when it came to creating the time for self-care or my own happiness.

But then some curve balls woke me up in life.

Between the ages of 25 and 30 my life crumbled….

I was diagnosed with cancer 3 times, faced over a dozen other pre-cancerous scares, lost my mom and my grandmother, went through a major layoff, experienced heartbreak, survived a terrorist attack, and almost entirely lost my voice.

Every time I felt like I was on solid ground again, I was viciously knocked back down.

I had every reason to crumble or give up. But I didn't

In fact, I did just the opposite….

I looked at each experience as a wake-up call, took it as a chance to live more intentionally, and transformed from a shy insecure girl to a woman who fully understands what it means to confidently THRIVE in life.

How to Live Your Best Life | Higher Level Living Blog

I reorganized my life around what means the most. Got in the best shape of my life. Tackled terrifying bucket list items. Made my own happiness, peace, and growth top priorities. Started and built a six-figure business while simultaneously living out my dream of traveling the world. Became a certified life coach. Fell in love with myself, my life, and an amazing man who adds to it all.

In short, I spent the last 10 years learning everything about how to thrive and make the most of life….

And I can wholeheartedly, proudly, and humbly say I’ve figured out how you can be your best and live your best life even with relentless odds or adversity being stacked against you.

Over the years, people have continuously asked me how I was able to do all this.

Truthfully, I didn’t know how to answer this for quite a while. My response was “because I had to”. And while yes there is some truth to this, the more I looked back, the more I realized that there were fundamental tools and things I did to strengthen myself from the inside out so I could continuously lean into adversity, maintain a positive outlook on life, avoid depression, and truly thrive in life.

That's what I'm sharing with you today.


Habits for Higher Level Living

This course is all about being more intentional with the little big things that shape the direction of your life. The goal is to help you develop habits that will elevate you in all areas of your life so you can THRIVE in your very best life.

Commit to these habits and I promise over time you will...

  • Feel more confident in who you are

  • Continuously perform at your best in all areas of your life

  • Stand tall and thrive regardless of what life throws your way

  • Elevate your energy, attitude, and your overall approach to life.

These are your pillars of peace, prosperity, and potential in life.

Your personal game-changers for thriving in life.

I so look forward to sharing them with you and hearing about all the ways they elevate you in life. <3

To looking back on the little big things that changed it all,

Xo Nicole