How To Get Out Of Your Own Way: Part Two

How to get out of your own way
Whether you believe you can, or can’t, you’re right
— Henry Ford

In my last post - I let you in on the secret that there are hidden beliefs navigating you through life… Beliefs that are keeping you from the levels of peace, happiness, and fulfillment you actually deserve.

How did that activity go?

Did you write down all the dreams or goals you have been procrastinating?

If not, do it now really quickly.

One of the first roadblocks you need to overcome is over analysis - aka stop thinking so damn much!🤔

How To Get Out Of Your Own Way: Part Two | Higher Level Living

If you let your mind wander too much you will undoubtedly get overwhelmed by the steps that flood your mind, the things that could go wrong... and within seconds, you will talk yourself out of what it is you really want to do.

It only takes a few seconds for fear or overwhelm to spark procrastination.

So just write a quick list of what comes to mind when you read the question - what goals or dreams have I been procrastinating?

NOTE... I ask you to write because writing actually unlocks the right side of your brain. The side that is connected to intuition and creativity. When you write something down you are able to stop being so analytical and see things differently.

Once you have the list (that comes to mind instantly) move onto today’s activity...


Today we’re going to get to the root of what is keeping you from taking action towards this goal or dream.

We're going to try and identify the hidden beliefs that are keeping you from the the levels of peace, happiness, and fulfillment you actually deserve.

This is probably my favorite thing to work with clients on. There is so much freedom, and inspired action on the other side of these beliefs. Truthfully it can be a process to get to the root of them all, but this short activity is SO impactful in getting started.

The 4 question activity:

This might seem like a simple activity but it's all about digging deeper. You have layers of false beliefs and limited thinking to bust through. This will help you get to the root. And please write it down - with old school pen and paper ;)

  • Write down your first goal or dream you are procrastinating

  • Ask yourself why you are struggling to take the first step towards this

  • Then ask yourself another why about that answer

  • Then ask yourself why about the next answer

  • And continue with a fourth why

I know this sounds simple and almost silly, but if you do this, I guarantee you will discover a deep rooted fear or belief that is holding you back from action towards this goal or dream.

Changing this belief starts with deep personal honestly for more awareness. Once you are aware of it, paradigm shifts happen in your mindset, view, and approach in life.

So try it out and let me know what you discover - really reach out to me and let me know! I nerd out on this stuff! Email me at

In my next post I'll share one of my most powerful discoveries and what you have to look forward to in doing this for yourself💕

To unlocking your personal freedom,

xo Nicole

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