How Believing You’re Made For More Limits You In Life

How believing you are made for more can limit you in life

In my last post I shared an activity that encouraged you to to take a trip down memory lane so you can shift from constantly striving for more to finally feeling like enough.

I know this can be a painful process. Something you probably don’t want to do.

But this is the first step towards the personal freedom that comes with rewiring your belief system.

Believing you are enough is the foundation for everything in your life.

Believing you are enough

If you never allow yourself to believe you are enough, then you'll never be able to fully enjoy your life, make the impact you’re capable of, or experience the inner peace and happiness you deserve.

Sure you can live out loud, strive and struggle to get ahead and there will be waves of joy and fulfillment that will come with this… but at a deeper level, it will never really feel like enough if you do not believe you are enough.

Today I want to help you take that next step forward.

This might sound twisted but my hope is that in reflecting back on all the amazing times in your life, in finding evidence that you were depriving yourself from fully enjoying those times because you believed you were still meant for more… you will feel significant sadness.

I know twisted ;)

But hear me out… this is me coaching you from afar.

After 33 years of striving towards more I finally got to a point where I felt so discouraged. Where I found myself thinking what’s the point of trying? Why keep striving and pushing for more if it never brings me peace and happiness? It will clearly never be enough.

As an overcomer by nature this crushed me. As overcomers we pride ourselves on our drive. On being able to accomplish anything we set our minds to. We are self motivated forces of nature when we are passionate about something.

So when all of a sudden that drive and passion disappears, everything seems off.

Personally I struggled for over a year to figure it out. I had been trying so hard to rekindle that fire within me to no avail, and it was eating away at me. I just couldn’t care about trying so hard anymore.

Yes there was also a shift in my own personal priorities during this time, but it was deeper than that.

It was that I had been telling myself my whole life that God made me for more. That he was preparing me for more. That I had to struggle to get ahead and prove myself. But what was proving true was that there was always a gap.

Consistently striving for more sets you up for failure. It puts such unfair expectations on yourself. It robs you of fully experiencing all the love, goodness, and happiness around you.

And this is truly heartbreaking.

How can you not think - “What’s the point of striving and working so hard if it will never be enough?”

But do you want to know what comes on the other side of this sadness? YOUR FREEDOM.

It might not sink in right away, but after reflecting on it you will realize that you are choosing this for yourself. It’s a bad habit and pattern that you’ve been repeating for years.

How believing you are made for more can limit you in life

If you left it unchecked and never looked back to find the evidence, that pattern could have continued on for the rest of your life.

How sad would it have been to have completely deprived yourself of experiencing true happiness and inner peace your whole life?!

But with awareness comes the lesson.

It’s a paradigm shift that will undoubtedly be a work in progress, but when you bring awareness to something, that the first step towards changing something.


Today I want you to write yourself a letter. Something you can read to yourself every time you find yourself falling back into the habit of striving for more. In this letter I want you to tell yourself that you are enough. Write a list of amazing things you have accomplished in your life. Write a list of everything you are so grateful for and that you feel proud of.

Write whatever you need to in order to believe that YOU, AS YOU ARE RIGHT NOW, ARE ENOUGH and that you deserve to fully enjoy all the fruits of your labor and everything you’ve accomplished in life.

Read it, pause, and allow yourself to feel the inner peace and happiness that comes with being who you are ♥

When you are ready continue onto the next post in this series.

To loving and living who you are,

xo Nicole