Feeling stuck, or are you really just too complacent?

Signs of Complacency

“I just feel so stuck”

“I can’t seem to find the energy to do things”

“I’m so bored”

“I feel so anxious all the time”

“I’m having a hard time sleeping”

“Something feels off”

Feeling stuck, or are you really just too complacent? | Higher Level Living

These are some of the common complaints I get from people. Initially they’re concerned they might be depressed, or that their life is falling apart in some way. While yes these are very real concerns to address… before going all doom and gloom, first I recommend that they check in with themselves to determine if they’re actually as stuck as they think they are.

It could be that you’re just a little too complacent in life right now.

Complacency is a common culprit

Complacency is something to be very wary of in your life! While I’m all about slowing down so you can fully enjoy and celebrate everything you have worked so hard for, progress and growth are part of our nature.

It’s what motivates us, energizes us, and sparks our passion for life,  

And the key to ongoing progress/growth is consistently doing things that challenge you.

When you stop doing things that push you forward in someway,  that’s when you lose your sense of purpose, energy, and excitement in life.

You might even find yourself telling people things are really good, because from the outside looking in things should be great.

But deep down it feels like a lie.

Sure you seem to have it all,  or be successful, but really inside you feel stuck, anxious, and confused.

The Disconnect

The disconnect here is that you’ve probably pushed pause on your own growth and as a result you’re struggling with complacency.

Today I’m going to share some perspectives to help you get ahead of a complacency trap.

Signs that you might be too complacent in life

  1. You don’t feel challenged in your life. From the outside looking in, things in life are really great. You’ve probably accomplished quite a bit and people would describe you as successful and living a great life. But really you feel kind of bored. Frustrated with yourself because you have everything you always wanted… but something’s just off.

  2. You begin to lose the spark and tell yourself “I’m just not feeling it anymore”. There is a big distinction between your heart not being in something anymore, and you losing momentum because you have allowed yourself to go stagnant.

  3. You’re lacking energy and enthusiasm - Energy and excitement in your life comes from making progress towards some meaningful goal. Once it starts to fade, boredom creeps in. Maybe even self loathing. This sparks the vicious cycle of feeling stuck because you get complacent when things are good. But there is a difference between good and great. STRIVE FOR GREAT!

Feeling stuck, or are you really just too complacent? | Higher Level Living

Now I’m not saying you never want to feel good and be complacent. Doing that will deprive you of the reward in all your hard work and efforts. But it is a balancing act. To avoid a complacency that drains you of your excitement for life, you want to balance enjoying where you are, all you have accomplished, your success….while still keeping yourself engaged in progress and growth.

This is where a life assessment could be really beneficial for you. If you’re all in on one area of your life - if that’s where we are putting all your self worth, then you are depriving yourself of continuous growth, lasting peace, happiness, and a truly whole life.

There are always areas for growth. If you are feeling complacent it might be that it’s time assess your top priorities in life. Do some soul searching and gain more clarity on areas you can give focus and attention to.

My free Purposeful Planning guide and retreat helps you do just this. It guides you through a life assessment and goal planning session that will help you experience more meaning and happiness in your life. It helps you set goals you actually get excited about, so you can continuously get ahead of complacency in life. Consider it a gift from me to you!