"Comparison is the Thief of Joy"... or is it?

Comparison is the thief of joy

Could it be a Source of Joy? 

We've all heard it time and time again but what if it could be a source of joy? 

Stick with me here I know this might seem like a radical idea but it's something that has helped me IMMENSELY. 

Up until recently I seriously struggled with comparison. It's been something I've struggled with my whole life and it has a way of completely shutting me down. It doesn't matter how great things are going in my life or business.. as soon as I allow myself to compare to others who seem to have "more" I come spiraling down. Actually I start full on attacking myself.

Immediately my mind is overtaken with thoughts of self doubt, anger, even hatred.

That icky feeling of I'm not doing enough creeps in. Which is something to address all on it's own.. if you struggle with this too be sure to check out my post on BELIEVING YOU ARE ENOUGH HERE - I share a game changing lesson my coach taught me. 

But let's stick with comparison for now.

Comparison can be crippling. But it's also hard to avoid.

In this day and age with social media, it's pretty likely we will all be rocked to our core at one point or another because of comparison. With the threat of it becoming more and more prevalent I finally decided it was time to stop hiding from it and to face it head on.

How to Combat Comparison 

Up until recently my strategy was to avoid it.

I would limit my scrolls on social media. Zero in on my own life. As soon as I saw something that stirred up icky comparison feelings I would try and ignore it. Basically I would try to hide from it and tell myself.... reel it in, just focus on you against you. 

Yes this all helps but let's be real - hiding is no way to live ;) 

So I decided to try and look at it differently. 

A shift in perspective 

Consider this....what if those icky feelings of comparison were actually your inner potential trying to push you into action? 

Hear me out... when you compare yourself to someone it is most likely because you are envious of something they do or have.  

And guess what... if you feel those icky feelings when seeing this it is probably because deep down you know you ARE CAPABLE OF DOING OR HAVING WHAT THEY HAVE and you are a little mad at yourself for not being there... yet.

So really you are seeing part of WHO YOU COULD BE in them. Those uncomfortable feelings are like an inner alarm clock. Your inner potential is telling you ding ding ding.... you can do this too! 

Inspired Action

The Magical Shift 

So here is the shift... 

The next time you feel comparison angst creeping in, pause. Take a step back and realize part of your calling is similar to what this person is doing or what this person has.

You see part of yourself in them.

Deep down you know you have what it takes to do or have this same thing. You're just not there...yet

So use the comparison as inspiration to figure out what you can do in your own life now to take one steps towards achieving that in your own life.

You cannot compare your beginning to someone else's middle.. but you can lean on their journey for guidance in your own. 

Let it be fuel to your fire for inspired action. Immediately challenge yourself to figure out a plan for working towards this as a goal in your own life. 

And once you start taking action.. that's when faith kicks in and you have to trust in the timing of your own journey. 

And if you ever need even help on really tapping into that inner potential, be sure to schedule a chat with me! 

1:1 coaching is life changing. More often than not we are blinded to our strengths and the opportunities right in front of us. As a coach I help you gain more clarity, develop a plan for action, rise to higher levels in life, and ultimately help you tap into your true greatness. 

Life is way to short to play it small or look at other people's success and think "that would be nice" or "if only" when you have everything within you to make it a reality for yourself. 

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