Read this when you feel alone in what your purpose is…

The book that Changed the Trajectory of my Whole Life

I was diagnosed with cancer for the second time not too long after my mother passed away. I can’t fully explain all the emotions I was feeling during this time but despite the sadness, pain, and fear it was such a pivotal moment in my life.

It sparked a whole time of confusion and soul searching for me. All of a sudden I was viscerally aware of just how precious our life is and that weighed on me heavily. But it also pushed me to see life through a new lens. All of a sudden I was questioning EVERYTHING about my life.. My job, health, hobbies, relationship... and most importantly, what my purpose was.

A heavy question and quite a bit to take on when you’re only in your mid-twenties and just starting to figure out what life is all about.

If you’re at that place now I feel for you, I do.

Questioning your purpose it can make you feel so stuck. It can eat away at your soul.

But if you do the soul searching, it can be one of the most powerful times of your life. It can change the trajectory of your whole life in a really amazing way.

It’s a transitional time when we get the chance to wake up to our authenticity and true inner self.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 10.24.58 AM.png

This book really helped me get through this transitional time. Up until this point I had been living very reactively... walking through the motions & living how I thought I was “supposed” to live. Checking off the boxes if you will... I overcame the tough childhood, went to the prestigious school, got the job, climbed the corporate ladder, bought the house.... From the outside life was seemed great. But deep down I couldn’t help by feel I was living a lie.

That I was meant for more.

That life was about so much more than just walking through the motions and living how I thought I was supposed to live.

This book made me feel less alone during that time. It me thinking differently. And eventually  I began to live life differently.

And now a few years later as I build a business I feel truly called to, and make my own self care, happiness, and inner peace a priority I can’t help but want to express my gratitude to this author by sharing his message. As my business has grown I’ve come to admire the writer more and more. We share similar philosophies on life. On living with the end in mind. In living with servant leadership. So I know my followers will find a special place in there hearts for this book like I have.

It’s one of the first books I recommend to anyone starting to question their purpose and wake up to their true potential in life.

If you’re at that point I’d love to share this book & a little guidance with you!

I’ll be giving away this book to one of my followers and I’ve also created a guide to help you navigate through this time. Download my Soul Searchers Guide to Clarity at the link below! And to enter the book giveaway, just go to my Instagram follow me, tag 3 friends who might like the book and encourage them to follow me/do the same.