Benefits of Working with a Coach

What does a coach do and what are the benefits of working with a coach?

What does a coach do?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked. The short answer is a coach helps you close the gap on where you are and where you want to be in life.

Put simply, working with a coach brings you to the next level of who you are. They support, empower, and push you forward in life. Our role is to bring out the very best in you and help make you great.

Look at any professional athlete or the successful person you admire, there is undoubtedly someone behind the scenes pushing them to their full potential.


Why do you need a coach?

More often than not we are completely blinded to the strengths, roadblocks, and opportunities right in front of us. The role of a coach is to help you see all of this more clearly so you can highlight the greatness that is already inside of you and make the most of your life.

Sure we all have people in our lives that support us and that want the best for us. But sometimes that love and care can also limit us. The people closest to you in life want to protect you from hard or painful experiences. Yes, they want you to be happy, but will they push you to your full potential?

Unfortunately, society has programmed us to play it safe so if you are happy, and the people in your life love you, they will not necessarily want to change or challenge you to take it to the next level in life. They will like you just the way you are, which is great!

But we all crave growth and are driven for progress, so at some point staying the same will not be enough.

What does a coach do and what are the benefits of working with a coach?

That's where working with a coach comes in.

Taking risks, pushing past your comfort zone, chasing your dreams, and facing your limiting beliefs can be hard at times. But they are also the secrets to reaching your full potential and thriving in a fulfilled and happy life.

A coach knows you have to get uncomfortable to grow and reach your greatest potential. Their role is to push you forward and support you in each of these endeavors.

Having both a supportive community and someone who helps cultivate the best of you... well that’s powerful and can truly be life-changing.

If you’re ready to invest in a coach we should chat! You can schedule a consult call here, develop the habits that elevate you in life with my self paced mini course, or get started for free right away with my Best Life Boot Camp challenge.

If you’re looking for more guidance on how to choose a coach, I have a post that might help here.

Whatever you choose I wish you all the best in the pursuit of your happiest life!

xo Nicole