How to Believe Your Voice Matters

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In my last post I shared how losing my voice taught me how much our voices matter. I also gave you an activity to strengthen your own belief in this.  

Today I want to help you take it one step further.

Yes, losing my voice gave me a whole new awareness and appreciation for how precious our voices are...but it didn’t desensitize me to how difficult and terrifying it can be to actually use your voice.

It takes time to overcome deep rooted fear and insecurity.

You might not be able to escape the time it will take, but you can speed up the process a bit through experience…

Fear dissipates and confidence grows as you do something more and more.

There are also ways you strengthen your belief along the way.

This is what I’ve found to be the most impactful in finding the courage to use your voice…..

Whenever I find myself doubting my own words, or helping a client face their own fears of using their voice and sharing their message, I ask these questions…

Believing Your Voice Matters | Higher Level Living
  • Me: Have you ever read or heard something that changed you in some way?

  • Them: Yes

  • Me: Ok now imagine if that person never built up the courage to share those words. You never would have experienced that powerful change…. What if your words could change someone in a similar way?

Your words, your voice, YOU MATTER. If you feel that you have something special to offer the world, you do.

There could be someone out there that so desperately needs to hear what you have to say. And their life could forever change for the better when you share it.

How could you not share that with them?

When you shift your perspective away from you, to the person who needs your message, the courage will grow.  

We’re all vulnerable at the beginning. Hell we’re all vulnerable throughout this entire beautiful journey we’re on at different points!

Even those who have made the greatest of impact on the world have faced insecurity, scrutiny, and self doubt. It’s something that connects us all in humanity.

But on the other side of fear lies your greatest opportunity for growth. Breathe through the fear and think of that one person who so badly needs to hear what you have to say.

I promise it’s so worth it.

Remember belief and confidence comes with experience. Start small and let each action build the experience that will strengthen your belief.  

Here’s to sharing your love and light with the world

XO Nicole

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xo Nicole