Welcome to the Higher Level Living Blog by Nicole O'Neill


Confession- this blog has been a long time coming for me. It's something I've known I wanted to do but just kept pushing it off. And then tonight there was the most beautiful sunset that left me feeling inspired, full of life, and one of the first thoughts I had was ... it's time to start writing. So here I am :)

Why!? Well I joke that these last few years I have been living out my own little eat, pray, love...

But in reality, it's been a total physical, mental, & spiritual transformation all sparked by some serious right hooks in life. Wake up calls as I like to refer to them now.  And while it's been messy... it's been wildly beautiful as well.

Along the way I've learned so many lessons, experienced such beautiful places, & become so damn passionate about lifting up the lives of others… that I can't help but want to do more to help others live healthy, tap into their greatness, and do what they can to Live Life on Purpose.  

So here I am, and my hope is that in sharing my messy, wildly beautiful journey of wellness, wanderlust, personal growth, and business... I can be a guide for those of you ready to rise to higher levels in your own life ♥︎