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Hi! I'm Nicole O'Neill

survivor, wellness warrior, digital nomad, & coach

I’m Nicole, a 3 time cancer survivor, former corporate hustler turned wellness warrior, digital nomad, and coach determined to make the most of life. For years I struggled with finding my purpose, my happiness, and felt called to something more, I just never knew what or how to get started... Until some serious wake-up calls pushed me into action.

It's still hard to believe, but by the age of 31, I was fortunately diagnosed with cancer three times, faced over a dozen other precancerous scares, lost the people closest to me to cancer, went through a layoff, had my heart broken, survived a terrorist attack, and almost entirely lost my voice.

Yes, you read that correctly, I said I have been fortunate, you are not crazy.

I have not always felt this way however. Each time there was a period of total fear, confusion, and almost paralysis. I cannot quite explain what it is like to get that news and be afraid for your life. It truly stops you in your tracks, everything becomes blurry, nothing seems to matter, & all you can think is

Am I going to die… Did I really live?

But each time I was blessed with a whole new perspective on life. Each right hook has challenged me to wake up a little more and live more intentionally.

Amidst all of this, I started my own online business that allowed me to surpass my corporate career while simultaneously living out my dream of traveling the world. I went from an insecure and uncoordinated girly girl to an adventure travel enthusiast in peak physical shape, who THRIVES on inspiring and empowering others to take the reins on their life so they can live a life of purpose on their own terms.

Now you can find me at a cute coffee shop, somewhere outdoors in nature, or in a tiny mountain village with the love of my life and our tiny pup Oliver. I get to design my own days, do work that actually fulfills me, and finally understand what it means to live your truth.

But most impactfully, I learned that while our pain can serve some purpose… it does not have to be our purpose. And I know what it feels like to experience inner peace and happiness.

I truly believe we’re all capable of living at a Higher Level.

You just have to decide you want to.

And from there it’s not about having it all figured out, it’s about being proactive, living with intention, and taking it one step at a time, building your belief along the way.

We only get one very special life and it's ours for the taking … Let me guide you along your own journey towards personal success, peace, happiness, and fulfillment….together let’s unlock your own inner greatness. I give you coaching, a platform, tools, habits, and more to pursue your own purpose so you can experience your own Higher Level Living.

Let’s live life now, really LIVE not just survive, & design your life around what means the most to you. Because I never want you to have to wonder “Did I really Live.”

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