You were Made for More

Clarify your Calling and make your mark in the world 


You have a relentless work ethic, high expectations for your life, and refuse to believe the 9-5 rat race is the only way to give you everything you want in life.

In fact, you believe with ALL YOUR HEART that there is an entirely better way to live.

A way to be passionate about your work, create passive income, make an impact, design your own days....THRIVE in life rather than just survive.

  • Maybe you always wanted to start your own business but never knew how to begin, had the resources, or the financial means to actually do it.

  • Maybe you want to be part of something that could make an impact & be of service to others.

  • Maybe you’re an overcomer and want to use your story as way to inspire others.

  • Maybe you feel stuck or drained in your job. You thought it was what you wanted, but now you feel like you're walking through the motions and living a lie.

  • Or maybe you already have an amazing online presence & now it's time for you to transition that into something more for others and for your own financial freedom.

Rest assured you are not alone! I’ve been there, and so have many others. But the good news is, if we’ve been able to figure it out, SO CAN YOU!

Ready to level-up your life?

You don't have to go it alone!

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Hi, I'm Nicole O'Neill

A 3 time cancer survivor, former corporate hustler turned wellness warrior, digital nomad, coach, & mentor determined to make the most of life. For years I struggled with finding my purpose, my happiness, & felt called to something more, I just never knew what or how to get started...

Until some serious wake-up calls pushed me into action. Between the ages of 25 and 30 I was diagnosed with cancer 3 times and lost 2 of the people closest to me in their fight against cancer. Words cannot fully explain what I went through in those years… the fear, confusion and loss…It made everything stand still. I cannot quite tell you what it’s like to fear for you life, it truly stops you in your tracks and all you can think is am I going to die. But even more powerful is the question of did I really live?

I now look back on these trying times as some of the greatest blessings in my life. They opened my eyes up to how precious life is and what it means to really LIVE. With that I intentionally changed the trajectory of my whole life.

Now I not only run my own online business that’s allowed me to leave corporate, get in the best shape of my life, do work that fulfills me, travel freely, find my voice... my purpose... but I teach other ladies looking for more in life how to really live life on their own terms as well.

This is truly an exciting time to be alive. Everything about how we live and work is evolving. Gone are the days of a corner office, climbing the corporate ladder, and living to work.

If you have the hustle, heart, patience, and determination YOU CAN do work that allows you to truly DESIGN YOUR DAYS, MAKE AN IMPACT, RISE TO HIGHER LEVELS, and LIVE LIFE ON PURPOSE.

After years of building my online business, researching, and connecting with others doing the same... I have come to realize my calling is to help others clarify their own calling and create a plan for impactful action. To help you become more self aware and see that everything you need to live a fulfilling, fearless, purposeful, happy, and peaceful life is already inside you.

Sometimes we just need a guide to bring it all to light.

I so feel for where you are right now. Deep down you know you are capable of more. You feel CALLED to something more.

You know you have everything it takes and are willing to do the work… But you are completely stuck on what to do, where to begin, and how to actually get started.

Well my dear I’m here to reassure you that you are in this place…

You do have something very special to offer the world. It’s time to discover your special gifts so you can pursue them.  

 And I’m here to guide you along.


Purposeful Planning

A Free virtual retreat for more Clarity in life

Or if you’re not quite ready to take this leap yet, but could use a little guidance from afar, here is a special gift from me to you! My purposeful planning retreat was designed to help you gain more clarity on what means the most to you in life. I guide you through a life assessment and planning guide so you can take more meaningful action in your life now.

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