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80 Days & 80 Workouts

Want to feel sexy and confident in your bikini? Prepare to be obsessed with this program that targets your abs and booty in just 80 days. 80 days, 80 workouts and timed nutrition will change your life. 

Who This is For +

This is for motivated ladies READY for change. Workouts & nutrition designed to help you tone those abs and build a booty so you not only rock that bikini, but smile when you look in the mirror and feel damn sexy naked ;)

What You Will Learn +

In this bootcamp, we guide you through habits that will help you bring about jaw dropping transformation. You will develop a new relationship with food (it's not about depriving yourself!), work muscles you never knew you had, tap into new levels of confidence… feel damn sexy naked…BE A BEACH BABE THAT LIVES AT A HIGHER LEVEL.

What You Get +

  • 80 different workouts, timed nutrition plan for 80 days with refeed days and easy to follow guidelines.
  • 1 year access to our online gym featuring hundreds of additional workout programs with world class trainers you can stream anywhere with wifi from phone, tablet, computer, smart tv, firestick - think netflix for fitness. Imagine a fitness class with a personal trainer in your living room. Programs range from this 80 day total body program to yoga, HIIT, bootcamp -you name it! This will guarantee you never plateau or get bored with your workouts. Convenient fitness & a personal trainer in your home!
  • 30 day supply of our superfood nutrition shake for meal plan, energy, vitamins, digestion. A secret weapon for nutrition. Superfoods for optimizing health, digestion, natural energy, metabolism, hair skin nails, probiotics, prebiotics, adaptogens, They are meant to be 1 small meal a day on the meal plan for this program which will be a huge help when it comes to meal prep and the timed nutrition.
  • Portion control meal plan system that simplifies a macros nutrition plan
  • Protein shaker cup
  • Digital eating guide & meal plan support
  • Online cooking show with hundreds of healthy recipes
  • A 1:1 Getting started right call with a certified life coach to determine your personalized wellness plan
  • Meal plan support - weekly plans with recipes and shopping lists
  • Strength slides & resistance bands for the workouts to target abs & butt for true definition

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