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Mentorship for Aspiring Coaches

Get clear on the impact you want to make, and the steps you need to take, so you can launch your coaching business. 

This is a 1:1 mentorship where I share the platform I used to to launch my business. I give you access to the training, systems, tools, habits, community, and more so you can launch a flexible online coaching business with immediate earning potential and minimal investment.

This is where my coaching career, my life of freedom, and living on purpose all began. If you are looking for a way to do work that makes a difference, but still provide for the high expectations you have for your life, I cannot recommend this enough.

It changed the trajectory of my entire life - Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, Financially - and I would love to share it with you.

Who this is For +

This is for purpose driven ladies with a passion for wellness who are tired of living according to the status quo. Strong women who are waking up to their true potential & refuse to be knocked down or play it small with their life. You have very high expectations for your life and refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary. You're self motivated & driven with a passion for life, adventure, success, and fulfillment.

You want to make an impact in this world, do work that matters, but you also want to fully enjoy your life.. have freedom over your time and your finances.

If you know you have everything it takes to be successful, you're just stuck on how to actually get started, this is for you.

What is Included +

  • 1:1 Mentorship to get clear on the impact you want to make and the steps you need to take to launch your first coaching package.
  • At the end of our time together you will have a coaching package to offer clients, the confidence to share it, and a strategy to launch it
  • If you want ability to start earning income right away and learn what it takes to run a business without having to put yourself in financial debt - join my Beachbody Coaching team to get started and gain access to a platform that will allow you to launch an online wellness coaching business with zero risk and virtually no overhead. This is how I launched my business years ago.
  • You will experiment, learn, & grow personally/professionally - it’s part of the journey!
  • Flexibility over where & when you work - most people start just part time.
  • Mentorship that helps you uncover your area of excellence, your calling, strengths, the true impact you want to make, and then create actionable steps for success.
  • Turn your passions into a profitable lifestyle
  • Become a social media influencer
  • How to create & capitalize on an online brand
  • How to utilize social media to its fullest potential for income
  • How to share and not sell
  • How to handle objections
  • How to run effective online accountability groups
  • How to grow a team that you can work with to grow your impact
  • Access to my Wellness Warrior Community geared towards your own mind, body, spirit transformation
  • 1:1 mentorship calls as needed
  • Access to our team strategy calls
  • Access to our Team for daily and weekly updates
  • Connection to our Community of fellow aspiring coaches and freedompreneurs for support, masterminding, personal growth, & empowerment
  • Access to our ongoing trainings to help you grow as your business grows
  • And more!

Meet your Mentor +

Hi! I’m Nicole a 3 time cancer survivor, former corporate hustler turned wellness warrior, digital nomad, and certified life coach determined to make the most of life. For years I struggled with finding my purpose, my happiness, & felt called to something more. I always knew I wanted to start my own business, work for myself, and do work that mattered.. I just never knew what or how to get started. And I refused to put myself in more debt than I already had in college.

Until some serious wake-up calls pushed me into action. Now 5 years later I've not only used this platform to launch my online business but it's allowed me to leave behind and surpass a successful corporate career, get in the best shape of my life, do work that fulfills me, travel freely, find my voice... and now find my true purpose which is helping others clarify their calling, tap into their greatness, and also live a life of purpose on their own terms.

The sad truth is most people end up going through life saying "someday I'll do what I really want to do"... but that day never comes. We get caught up in a vicious cycle of walking through the motions, doing what we think we're "supposed" to do in order to be successful. But then one day we wake up, we realize we've been living a lie. . We feel like we are meant for more.

We only get one very precious life and it's ours for the taking. I am living proof that you can rewrite your story. You can live the life of your dreams. You just have to decide you want to.

If you feel you are meant for more, you are. Let me help you launch your business or capitalize on this platform like I have so you can design your life around what means the most to you and rise up to your true potential in life.

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Katelyn Shares Her Inspiring Story

Katelyn first found this opportunity when she was getting wedding ready. After having amazing results with our products not only physically, but from a health/digestion perspective as well.. She decided to pursue the business opportunity with me. She started very part time while working as a teacher, being a newlywed, and balancing a masters curriculum. Over time she realized she wanted the freedom to be home when she had little ones. Today she is a full time coach, mom, wife, yogi, friend, and mentor. She not only has the freedom to be there for her 2 boys each day, but she also has a flexible business that allows her to contribute to her family and make a truly amazing impact in the lives of other women.

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